What Car Paint Color Fades the Fastest

There is not any authentic way to figure out which paint fade quicker than others. It all depends on how much you take care of your car exterior and its paint job. However, a famous myth is black and red colors fade faster, but it is not yet proved. All the colors fade away at same speed; it is our eyes which give variable response on colors. Like white color fades away at same rate like red and black, but due to lack of pigments is not obvious.

Weather Effects

Parking your car is always an important matter as far as paint of the car is concerned. The longevity of the paint is largely based on your parking place. If you park your car overnight on the driveway with not shades available, your vehicle will definitely has to bear the hot or cold weather conditions. These weather conditions have a drastic impact on your car’s paint. Besides, if you park your car under the shade or in garage, the impact of weather will be the least.

Fade Colour What Car Paint Color Fades the Fastest


Weather alone is not the culprit. Different climatic conditions do have an influence on the car’s paint. Like if you are living in a coastal area or area with high snow falls or even the areas where the UV rays of the sun are more active definitely harm the paint of the car. Other than that air borne chemicals or nitric acid in the atmosphere near industrialized areas can erode the paint of the car gradually.


Proper maintenance of the car exterior can give paint an extra secure finish. Proper polishing and waxing regularly keep your car exterior from harmful UV rays of the sunlight. Similarly, avoid the harmful chemicals while washing the car can keep the paint preserve for longer period of time. To avoid minor scars and scuffs, try not to take your car to the car wash with heavy brushes. If you are into the habit of using car wash, try to locate one with contact free services. If you wash you car at home, dry the surface of the paint with soft clean cloth to remove the moisture from the surface of the paint. This moisture if left on the surface has the tendency to infiltrate into the paint and cause damage to it.


Washing, polishing and waxing definitely provides a security layer to your paintwork. But there are certain other things which must have to keep in mind to keep the paintwork secure from the damage.

Wax coat is not enough if you park your car outside in an open atmosphere uncovered. Covering is always important if you don’t have a covered parking facility or garage. You can find variety of car covers in the market at almost affordable rates. These covers are usually water resistant, heat resistant and also UV resistant. All these three factors have a major role in destructing the paint job on exposure. Select a cover for your car, it should of your car size and cover each and every part of it. Whenever you park your car, cover it with a covering and secure it, so that it will not fly away with air.

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