How to Soften a Car’s Wiper Blade Rubber

Windshield wiper blades are very helpful in rainy seasons. They help you to clean the windshield to make thins visible to you easily for safe driving. However, with passage of time the blades and the rubber on them damage and make things worse for you, especially during heavy rain pours. Different elements and weather conditions make the rubber hard enough to perform the task effectively. In this article we will tell you that how you can keep the rubber soft and efficient for longer period of time.

Factors Affecting a Windshield Wipers’ Efficiency

The main part on the windshield wiper is rubber. Rubber is responsible for all the cleaning. But there are certain factors which affect the efficiency of the wiper blade’s rubber.

Wiper Blade Rubber How to Soften a Car’s Wiper Blade Rubber

  • Windshield Slope and Area: A fast moving car with shining windshield exert extra pressure on the wiper force it to move away from glass.
  • Wiper Arm’s Spring Tension: Spring tension keeps the wiper frame closely intact with the windshield to give maximum performance.
  • Pressure Points: They are there to give more flexibility. They are also used to increase the wiper arm’s pressure area. The more the pressure arms, more will be the area.
  • Blade material: Natural rubber is used in most of the wiper blades. However, there are some composite structures in which a firm rubber is used as support and a pliable rubber is attached to the wiper blade for better efficiency.

Check the first three factors; if they are working fine, then the problem is with your blade rubber. Follow the instructions given below to soften the blade rubber.

Required Items

  • Clean cloth
  • Petroleum jelly
  • Soap
  • White vinegar


  • Park you car in a shaded area and prepare all the required items at one place.
  • Lift the wiper blade arm up cautiously away from the windshield. You will now have better access to the wiper blades.
  • Inspect the blades rubbers for possible damage or crack. If the blades are damaged replace them straight away. If rubber is still there undamaged, then you need to start your task.
  • Take a cloth and soak it with small amount vinegar. Rub it on the rubber from top to bottom gently. This will soak the rubber and also clean the dust.
  • Take another damp cloth and clean the rubber gently with it. This will remove the excessive vinegar from the blades.
  • Take a dry cloth and use it on the rubber to make it dry.
  • Take petroleum jelly and apply it evenly on the wiper blade’s length. Make sure that you have applied the jelly on whole rubber. Let it air dry for 10 minutes or so.
  • Once the jelly get dry, lower the wiper blades down on the windshield carefully. You will see that the rubber is now remarkably soft and will work more effectively.

Driving in heavy rains with damaged wiper blades is extremely dangerous and hazardous. What you need to do is to keep your windshield wiper blade rubber fully functional all the time. For this you have to check them regularly, especially before going out in heavy rain.

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