How to Fix a Dent on Your Truck Bed

If you have a truck, you cannot keep your truck bed dent free for long time. Dents are very much common on truck beds. However, they are not hard to remove. You can fix them without spending a lot of money on them. Dents usually cause no damage to the paint; do not put scratches or nicks. You can easily fix them at home.

  • The easiest way to fix the dent is to get under the truck bed and bang the dent back. You can use wooden hammer or rubber mallet for this purpose.

Fixing Dent Truck Bed How to Fix a Dent on Your Truck Bed

  • For mild dents, there are certain gadgets available in the market, which are extremely affordable and use the suction force to pull the dent out.
  • For tough dents, you can make a hole in the center of the dent and use the pulling tool to pull the dent out to it normal place. Once the dent is fixed, use the filler to fill the hole. Sand it down and apply the finishing paint.

Truck bed is the backbone of your truck. Your truck’s practicality depends on it. If you have rusted, rotted and damaged truck bed, its efficiency and practicality decreases. Being your work horse you should keep it in best of shapes with the help of bed liner or other necessary repairs.

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