How to Build a Soapbox Derby Car

Soapbox derby cars are very popular among the young people, especially teenagers and adolescents. They are known for their unique design. A lot of people spend their summer racing and building the cars. It is not a difficult task to make a derby car. You can make one at your parking lot for your kid. Here are some instructions for your help.

Design of Soapbox Derby

Usually soapbox derbies are motor-less wagons, having steering and braking system. The basic blueprint of a soapbox derby has following components:

  • The chassis or frame (keep all the parts intact)
  • The drivetrain (wheels, steering and braking system)
  • The body

Soapbox Derby Car How to Build a Soapbox Derby Car

You can easily download a detailed design plan for a soapbox derby from the internet. A detailed design plan will help you to build your soapbox derby in a better way.

How to Build a Soapbox Derby

Following are given some easy and straightforward instructions to build a soapbox derby at home:

The Chassis

  • A pull wagon is the simplest chassis and steering system you can use for your soapbox derby.
  • It is better to use the lightweight metal for chassis, rather than spending on expensive carbon fiber. The lighter the weight of the soapbox derby higher would be the speed.
  • Always follow the instructions given in the design plan carefully.
  • Take proper care while welding the different parts because any weak joint can be extremely dangerous for a driver.

The Drivetrain

  • Follow the instructions given in the plan while putting together the wheel and axle system.
  • Use torsion trusses to give stability to your soapbox derby. For four wheel derby car arrange torsion trusses connecting both axles to the steering system.
  • Connect the brake system to the pedal as per given in the plan.
  • Always use racing seatbelt for driver’s safety.

The Body

  • The body should be strong enough to protect the driver and ensure his/her safety while racing. For better safety measure make use of trusses to strengthen the cover of your soapbox derby.
  • Make a roll cage for your derby car. In any case if the derby car flips over, the roll cage will keep the drive safe.
  • In the end, paint your derby car the way your kids want it to. Do consider the liking of your kids before painting the derby car.

Your soapbox derby car is ready now. Ask your kids to have fun on their new derby car on the slopes in the neighborhood.

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